Gulnora Odilova

The artist of this fine embroidery is Gulnora Odilova She was born in the ancient city of Shakhrisabz, Kashkadarya region, Uzbekistan on April 2, 1963.

Ms. Odilova graduated from the National University of Uzbekistan, majored in History and Economics. She is the mother of a son and a daughter. Embroidery is her passion and she inherited this family tradition from her grandmother and she is the fourth generation representative to continue this in the family.

The patterns which Gulnora is making are called Shakhrisabz Iraqi embroidery and it is one of the most complicated in Uzbekistan.

Itis sewed only by hand and only from natural silk thread. The origin of this style in Shakhrisabz can be traced back to the 17th century.

In 1997 Gulnora established her own school of embroidery and she has taught the secrets of this art to hundreds of apprentices so far. Not only has she revived this style but also shehas contributed to its thriving with her own modern designs and patterns. Currently her works of art are exhibited and sold in the fairsin Germany, Turkey, Russia, Israel, Malaysia, Japan, and United States.

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Gulnor-Art is a socially responsible enterprise that creates garments and accessories using traditional hand-embroidery silk/cotton ikat. Its mission is to provide economic opportunities for women while preserving Uzbekistan’s rich cultural heritage.

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